Who is Savannah Musicians Institute?

Savannah Musicians Institute started with a group of established music teachers teaching with a local Music Retail Store. In 2010, the store had some misfortune and was in the process of closing. Jon Willis, Joe Flanders and Audrey Allgaier, with 1 other teacher and a repairman, decided to pool our resources and find a place we could teach without the distraction of a sales environment. 

       With the help of a friend and fellow business owner, we set up a small store on Hodgson Memorial Drive in 2011. We built the walls to suit our needs, set up our own schedules, and recruited and worked with a few other teachers and repair techs over the years. Our early motto has been "Quality, Caring and Experienced Teachers" and we have been told that we hold that ideal with each individual student that comes through our doors. Our lesson prices are affordable and we are willing to work with each family without time locked contracts. 

        Our goal has always been to focus on the student, to make sure that each individual has a better understanding of their chosen musical outlet, and give them opportunities to explore and learn in a comfortable and family friendly environment. We are a small collective of individual music teachers and performers with a love of what we do, and a willingness to share with anyone willing to learn. Most of us hold degrees in our field (music performance and music education), others have been working on our craft for decades. We work with kids, adults and senior citizens on everything from learning a new instrument to learning just a song or two for a special occasion (for those who already have a basis).  

         There is no "magic formula" for learning music, and anybody can learn - its never too late! Every student learns at their own pace, so there is no "set time" to learning an instrument. We provide one-on-one and small group instruction as well as extra learning materials, listening and discovery ideas, and a comfortable environment to help students learn and grow musically in many different ways. We will work with you as long as you like. No matter the reason for wanting to learn, we can find a musical outlet for you! 

          While we have moved a couple times since out Hodgson Memorial location, we have kept the same ideals over the years and we look forward to adding you to our Musical Family! 



Savannah Musicians Institute is a small studio style music school of working musicians. Our goal to pass our love of music and musical knowledge to anyone interested in learning. Located in Savannah GA, our aim is to encourage music through education, performance, play and community.
Together we aim to provide a creative, collaborative, and commercial free learning environment. Our continuing mission is to cultivate a love and appreciation for music in addition to helping our students attain the highest skill level on their instrument (or instruments) of choice. Our Studio style teaching allows us to immerse students in many different types of learning and provide materials that help re-enforce the learning process.


Our teachers are all professionals in their field and strive to provide a caring and supportive environment for all Music Students

in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.