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Adult Music Lessons

Learning Music is NOT just for kids!!!

While we are always proud of our children, Music can be learned at any stage of life and we are proud of our adult learners. 

Whether you played as a kid and want to get back into it, or just want to do something you have always wanted to do it is never too late to learn or pick up an instrument!

Our adult learners come to us from all walks of life and skill levels with every kind of goal you can imagine. We can help learn a song or two, learn to play independently, work on ear training, or simply help you dust off that instrument that you have been looking at for so long. 

group guitar class adult

There is no magic formula for learning a musical instrument. We can start you from scratch or build on what you already know. We teach a lot of adults who started on YouTube (or some other kind of video training) and can offer you the one thing pre-recorded video learning can't - support and encouragement right there on the spot. 

Sometimes questions arise in the lesson time, and we are there to help and make sure that you are learning proper technique as well as offer suggestions to make the learning process easier. 

Many people ask how long it takes to learn a new instrument, and the best we can say is it depends on the student. We can have you playing a song in a couple weeks, but mastery takes a lot longer. You get what you put into it, but we can help you develop the tools for success!!!

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