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Kids Music Lessons

We start our music lessons at the age of 6 as they are learning and discovering music in the world around them.

Young children must be able to tell right from left, and which finger is which to best help the learning process. 

girl in pink playing piano.png

Learning a musical skill at a young age, even if a child does not stick with it, helps with the brain development process and teaches valuable skills of coordination, problem solving, ear development and communication. Other learned skills include (but are not limited to) following directions, listening, spatial recognition, foreign language, recognition of symbols & assigning value to those symbols - and all those are just personal skills! Music also allows for cooperation, sharing, group accomplishment, learning to work with all kinds of people, learning to deal with stress, and the chance to cheer on fellow students and they achieve successes too. 

While Piano and Guitar are the most popular lesson choices to start, we recommend starting kids on the instrument they are most interested in learning. If they are interested in learning, they will learn better! 


Music lessons of theory and coordination can be taught on any instrument, and we pride ourselves on teaching everything the student needs to be a well rounded musician with each instrument they study including note reading, ear training, and basic music theory. 



Some instruments lead to other instruments, but we can help any student reach their dream player status. For example - 

Young singers are best started at the piano to develop ear training and note reading and can learn basic singing principles at the same time. 

Young guitarists with very small hands can start with kids guitars or ukuleles to build skills, muscle memory, ear training, and musicianship. 

Young clarinet, flute and saxophone players can start on the Recorder to learn basic skills until they are ready for the larger instruments. 

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